Striving For Excellence

Ever since I was a little boy I always wanted to be the best at everything I did. Whether it was in little league or in school I was determined to be the best. Throughout elementary school and into high school I tried my best in each subject but every year I always came to the realization that I always performed well in math. For some reason, math was not difficult for me and as the years past I began to enjoy it more and more. Then in high school I began to have a passion for math and in my senior year I took an accounting class. That accounting class had a dramatic effect on me. I realized I loved accounting because it involved mathematics and the finances of a company. To me, accounting is a subject that incorporates both math and money, my two favorite interests in the world.

Now that I am entering my third year in college I have decided on my major and future career. I want to be a certified public accountant, work for an accounting firm, and hopefully establish my own firm in the future. I believe that people should have many goals in their lives that will make them want to work hard and achieve those goals. I have many goals both personal and educational because I want to live a prosperous and happy life. For instance, I want to become a CPA and be known as a hardworking person who cares about his clients’ best interests. In order for me to become a CPA, I have chosen to attend CSUN where I can obtain an accounting degree at a well-respected university.

I am a member of the Business Honors Program at CSUN and as a member I will have the opportunity to achieve my goals because the program challenges me to do well in school. Also, the mentorship program will also be beneficial for me because I will be able to gain guidance and advice from someone who has experience in my major. The symposium series is a great aspect of the program because it teaches a person more about the program and how business works in the real world. The Business Honors Program also has helped me establish relationships with other students in my major that will help me later in life in terms of advisement and job opportunities. Also, I am a member of the Accounting Association and I try to spend as much time to make the club work for me because it is a great opportunity to network and learn more about accounting. I am highly motivated and determined to perform at a high level at the university in order to accomplish my goal of obtaining an accounting degree.

I also have many personal goals that I strive to accomplish. One of them I have already mentioned and that is becoming a CPA. Other personal goals I have set for myself are living a full and healthy life because I know it is important to balance business with pleasure. I want to wed someday and raise a family because I believe that a family makes a person more stable and satisfied with life. I also want to live a healthy life because health is the most important aspect of living happy which is why another personal goal of mine is to exercise regularly. These personal goals can be achieved by having a great career where I can support a family and have extra time to exercise daily and have fun.

Thus, I believe that I am a hardworking individual who is motivated and ready to accomplish all of my goals. I am excited about attending college where I can finally study accounting and create meaningful relationships. I feel ready to perform at a high level, and become a CPA.

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