Staffing Plan and Recruitment Strategies Essay

The process of staffing and recruitment is one that varies greatly from business to business. Each business must look at their individual needs and form their own staffing and recruitment processes that are a fit for that organization. In the case of the SMC Company, a staffing plan needs to be developed to increase output by 100%. In addition, recruitment strategies need to be implemented to find the candidates for these added positions. This paper seeks to identify the employment positions by department, necessary to achieve the increased output goal, and to develop the recruitment strategies that will be used to seek out the appropriate personnel for these positions.
Identify Positions Needed

SMC has investigated all avenues of how and why increasing the staff will benefit the current state of the company, and the clients the company serves. Due to the increased demand of their product, SMC realizes the need to expand, and has decided to start their staffing increase within the Human Resource Department. Currently, the Human Resource Department has two employees. The roles and responsibilities of these two employees do not allow them to have enough flexibility or mobility when it comes to staffing, recruiting and/or training. By increasing the Human Resource Department to a staff of five, including an HR Manager, and four personnel representatives, SMC will attain the proper coverage while planning for future growth within the company. Another department that needs to be addressed is the customer service department, which currently has five employees. Increasing the customer service department to a staff 15, including a Customer Service Manager, a Customer Service Supervisor, and 13 customer service assistants, will adequately cover that department’s anticipated needs. The third department assessed would be the finance and accounting department. The finance and accounting department currently has seven employees, and due to our forecasted increase in both accounts receivable, and accounts payable, SMC will need to add two qualified individuals with a background in finance. In the manufacturing department, there are currently 65 employees, which will need to be increased to a staff of 75. These positions will include a Manufacturing Manager, a Manufacturing Supervisor, with the remaining 73 employees ranging from engineers, a planner, and various manufacturing roles. The operations department has 10 employees that will remain the same with any additional assignments to be filled by temporary assistance.

Our main focus at SMC is to meet the current customers’ needs with an attempt to gain market share by first time quality production and delivery. The increased demand for SMC products will necessitate output levels to be increased by 100%. When the market exhibits a period of growth, they aim to address the challenges of increase in the areas that are absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, before a company can effectively increase the staff, the company needs to assess how the increase can be financially beneficial and profitable. Such assessments can benefit a company by: helping the company overall save money while reducing the total cost of new hires, reducing the turnover rate, save money in training cost, reduce absenteeism, and minimizing workplace theft. Although it may appear that a business is performing well with an influx of added personnel, the key to becoming a healthy organization is the ability to sustain as much as possible, an unvarying staff year end, and year out. This will decrease the amount of turnaround, and assist with most future visioning (planning) events. Therefore, fluctuations in personnel needs, will be addressed with temporary services so as to limit the need for modifying the established foundation of employees. However, any of the decisions made to accommodate the increase in business are subject to change at any time. We will review the production levels, as well as the support staff on a bi-monthly basis to determine how well the implementation of the new team members have affected the new business conditions.

Seeking candidates to fill in the manufacturing, operations, customer service, and distribution departments can start at a job fair. SMC will see how these candidates try to make a good impression in person (especially important if a resume does not necessarily stand out from the crowd). The candidates will learn about the culture of the organization when they meet the SMC people, and can ask questions at this fair. In addition, SMC employers can screen resumes and cover letters, taking advantage of the opportunities to meet job seekers face-to-face. Some fairs include follow-up interviewing as part of the fair, for a full or half day. Some of the employers who attend these career fairs also participate in an on campus-interviewing program. Meeting students in person at fairs gives SMC another way of screening candidates besides just the resume being submitted for on-campus interviewing.

SMC can also develop a structural employee referral program. Employees do not refer people they do not want to work with, so the referral program serves as a pre-screening process for SMC. But, to make it work, the organization needs to set a financial incentive. When an employee refers someone SMC hires, they will receive a bonus. For example, It can range from $200-$500 hundred dollars, depending on the persons’ position and value. This practice can help serve the company in two ways. First, by recommendation of qualified recruits, and second, by increasing morale through the offering of such an incentive.

To fill positions in the finance department SMC will utilize the services of an executive search firm. These firms often maintain large databases of candidates with specific capabilities such as finance. They are also able to locate candidates quickly. Using the search firm also ensures SMC of not wasting time sorting through inappropriate job candidiates. However, SMC should demand a certain level of service from such a firm. A reputable search firm should meet with SMC and learn the corporate culture, and secure a written job description of the position. It should offer a timetable, report progress, interview the prospective candidates, verify credentials or experiences, assess each candidate’s strengths/weakness, check for references, participate in the negotiation, and assist in the candidates adjustment to the new environment. On the other hand, SMC needs to keep in mind that the most effective and least costly recruiting strategy is to position their organization as an outstanding place to work and be successful
Ulimately, the SMC company’s ability to adequately staff, and recruit will lead to a successful transition of their current business climate. By implementing the staffing changes proposed, SMC will have the opportunity to realize their goal of increasing output by 100%. Furthermore, having a strategic plan for recruiting is paramount. By utilizing our plan to seek out the appropriate people needed to fill those positions, SMC can avoid wasting precious time in finding the right people and focus on their long-term business plans. Consequently, setting the standard in their industry for staffing and recruitment practices.

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