Personal Goals Essay

Completing a degree has been a life long dream. I have started and stopped many times along the way. By enrolling in the University of Phoenix and due to my life changes, this dream will become a reality.

This is a very difficult paper to write. Until this assignment, I have not really thought about my personal goals outside of ensuring my son finished college and finding my soul mate. I have started school so many times. Each time for reasons I cannot even explain to myself, I have not completed any degree program. I started out wanting a degree in Accounting and lacked only two classes to finish an Associates Degree. Once I began working in the accounting field, I found it somewhat dull and redundant. Although the classes were very interesting, I found the day to day tasks for this field to be monotonous. I was very proud of myself, going to school and raising a child while maintaining a 4.0 grade point average. But what is the point if you do not complete the requirements? My son is in his last year of college; therefore, he needs less of my time and monetary support and I now have a very special husband who is supporting my decision to return to school and complete my education.

At first I thought the reason why I was returning to school was due to my work environment. During my last review in March ,2003, I received an exceptional promotion and, of course, the money that goes along with it. This was all due to my diligence in learning new processes, applications and my willingness to go above and beyond, and work the hours necessary to succeed. I believe I was too dedicated or maybe even unwise to put this kind of time and effort into a job, because I did not have a degree and everyone around me did. I think, in my own way, I was trying to show them I was just as good without a degree. During this review, my manager indicated this was as far as I would go without a degree; therefore, I enrolled in University Of Phoenix mainly for this reason. It has taken me 11 years at this company to be at the level I am. If I had this degree or any other, the process would not have taken so long.

During the last several weeks, attending the Skills for Profession Development class, I have found my motives for returning to school are not exactly as I had thought. Strangers and instructors have not really changed my motives but have made me look further within myself to see my true motives. Reviewing all the posts, lecture notes, and reading material made me realize going back to school is neither about more money nor climbing the ladder. I am perfectly satisfied in my current position and salary. I really enjoy my job and the company I work for. Therefore, if I did not pursue this degree or any other, my job would not be at risk and I would be content.

Do I really want to be content? I want this degree for me! I want to make myself feel more valuable, better educated, and to make my mother, husband, and son proud of me. A Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is something I have always wanted. I have learned quite a bit from the technical personnel at Ciba Vision, but I want to know this myself. Of course, at times you need assistance but to have the knowledge base upfront is incredible. I never thought of myself as a “techie”. The more I explore this field, the more I want to complete this degree.

Choosing the University of Phoenix was not an easy choice. I looked at numerous colleges both online and attending in a classroom. The aspect of going back to a classroom environment just did not appeal to me nor did it have the flexibility I require due to a very demanding job. The commitment of a certain time each week and the commute was just not something I wanted to go back to. Online classes have the flexibility I required but choosing the right University was very complicated. The amount of research for each University in my top five lists was long and was a very difficult task. The University of Phoenix has the one thing I was unable to find in all the others. They catered more toward the adult than the young adult right out of high school. The courses are better related to the individual who has been in the workplace.
In conclusion, I have high hopes that, at this point in my life, I will see this degree through to completion. My life as a whole has changed to a great extent and I am in a place within myself that I feel I will accomplish this dream.

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