online classroom education

In the past years education has witnessed a boom in regards to the acceleration of technology use in the classroom. Along with the rise of internet use in traditional classroom instruction, the rise of online classroom instruction has become a necessity when trying to keep up with the demands of student learning in the technology age.

Education today finds itself faced with the challenge of maintaining emphasis on student learning it terms of knowledge, competencies and skills in their curriculum all while competing for student enrollment in the on line instructional classroom model. Educators need to determine if the levels of learning in an online classroom are as effective as in the traditional classroom setting. In the study by Schulman and Sims ( 1999) they assess as more and more online courses and programs proliferate, the question of quality and comparability of such instruction with traditional methods naturally arise.

There are many studies on the impact of technology on student learning that use survey and interviews to gather qualitative data on the self reported attitudes from student and teachers to make value judgment on the technological advancements in on line instruction. As T.H.E. Journal, unknown author, reported to date the most methodologically sound investigation to evaluate effectiveness of online instruction was conducted by Gerald Schutte at Cal State. In his study Schutte randomly divided his statistics class into two groups. The controlled class attending class regularly, listened to lecture, handed in homework assignments and took examinations. The experimental group took an online version and met with professor by chat, completed assignments by internet and email, and only attended class to take the mid term and final exams. Dr. Schuttes result found that the wired students outscored their traditional student counter parts by an average of 20 percent. It would seem as this study indicates that the internet instructional classroom seems to fair better, but research suggest that conflicting conclusions of effectiveness by method of delivery, by course or subject area, by student preference, and by the level of computer literacy suggesting that some courses might be more suitable for on line…

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