Is It the Responsibility of the United States to Share its Food Supplies with the Hungry People of the World?

Firstly, I don’t believe that the United States has a responsibility to share its food supplies with the hungry people of the world – it has an obligation to share, and lobby other countries to do the same. A necessity to live up to one of the tenets of the Declaration of Independence, that all men have the right to pursue happiness. What greater happiness can there be than to give to those in need? Giving makes people happy; moreover, what greater freedom can be found than to take from plenty and give to poverty? It is in keeping the spirit of freedom that the country was founded with. Democracy requires not only vigilance; it requires evidence of actions directed to the universal common good.

Secondly, as a result of the climate change food production around the world will be affected. Weather conditions will damage crops, growing regions will shift or disappear, clean water will become scarce; therefore, helping other countries will become more important in the future. Helping a needy country today will mean reciprocity in the future. In other words, lend a coat today and the favor will more likely be returned in an unstable future.

Finally, despite current trends that indicate that more and more corn is going toward ethanol production, the U.S. should continue to helpfeeding hungry nations. It is the right thing to do. China is one of the main culprits, but the U.S. is also flirting with meeting the massive F for alternative fuels instead of feeding people. It can only mean disaster for the U.S. and a hungry planet. Food is not a just a commodity, it is a necessity and the U.S. must share to keep its place as a symbol of the superiority of democratic principles.

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