How to Write a Good Accounting Thesis

Writing a good accounting thesis can be difficult because many accounting students are taking the course because math is their strong point. You are not alone if you struggle with writing but excel with math. Many students will find strengths in one or the other, based on preferences developed in childhood and honed as adults. You will find that the best thing to do is to work in sections, build your ideas from small to large. For example, your math problems will begin with a solution you must find an answer too – such as the intended project cost based on projected income generation or similar – begin this same way with your accounting thesis.

What is the problem you would like to solve? Write this out in your word file or a file where you can make diagrams. When you write the problem out just use a single sentence, and then attach boxes to this sentence. What will you need to know to solve this problem? What will you expect the results to look like? Where do you expect to find similar results? Are there theories that agree with your Accounting thesis ideas or are they all different? After you have developed some of these answers, refer back to the syllabus or rubric for your accounting thesis.

In the rubric or syllabus, you should find a general outline that you may use for your Accounting thesis. If there is no such information, you can check in databases such ProQuest to see how other people have setup their thesis and dissertations for submission; however, keep in mind, you cannot duplicate their work, or you will not demonstrate original and critical thinking – no matter how great the idea – leave it and just use the outline. Work a little each day so that you do not become overwhelmed. Now you know exactly how to write a good Accounting thesis for Undergraduate, Master’s and Ph.D. level.

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