How to Write a Good Accounting Dissertation

A good Accounting dissertation requires the right topic. One of the complaints most often heard about accounting dissertations is in developing an Accounting topic that can be used when there is often limited information about financials for the paper.

Here are some ideas, first, some organizations will work with you to assist you in completing your Accounting dissertation if you speak with them and agree to keep the company name and information confidential – in this way you will develop the dissertation using a fictitious organizational name, location, and possibly even change the industry. Organizations work with college students particularly when they have found a problem they may want solved and do not have anyone available to work on the problem. In this way, the organization may provide the problem statement for you – this can be anything from developing new methods for reporting organizational accounting information to reviewing how the organization can better manage operational expenses.

Most students will consider their own employment as a source for studies when writing an Accounting dissertation, which is good and often easier to accomplish; however, it is imperative that you always seek permission before using any information from your workplace. Even if you “know” that your organization will never see your dissertation, even if you are not using the organizations name, use of proprietary information can cost you your job, your Accounting dissertation will be denied, and you could be removed from school. If your employer does not want you to use their information, you may contact other organizations. Organizations are often the best source for Accounting dissertations because you are able to show application of learning in real problem solving environments.

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