Essay on “What Changes Might Occur if Gasoline Prices Rose to $5.00 a Gallon?”

With increasing use of motor bikes and cars, use of gasoline has become an unavoidable part of our lives. However, most of us have a budget set of all our expenses and gasoline is one of them. If gasoline prices raise to somewhere $5.00 a gallon, it would become difficult for a common individual to afford it. He will have a hard time adjusting to the fact that he now has to pay such a huge amount to purchase something like gasoline. It will create a sense of rage among people. However, with time, they will accept it; yet, their lifestyle will definitely change.

People would probably start buying less gasoline and make lesser use of their motor bikes or cars. They would probably start using bicycles to go to nearby places or some may choose to walk as well. There also might be some who choose to stay at home because they do not want to do either of these.

There might be another category of people who cannot afford to reduce the use of gasoline because they have to travel long distances every day. Such people would probably cut down other expenses. They would spend lesser money at retail or grocery stores. Some might want to reduce their kids’ pocket money. All in all, people will try to cut down their expenses somewhere, either in gasoline or elsewhere.

So, in some way or another, a common person’s life would definitely be affected with such raise in gasoline prices. Gasoline is a common person’s necessity, and its price should not be increased to a level where people have to think twice before buying it even for important reasons.

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