Covering Letter essay

I write in application to your request for interns within Renting Eyeballs Entertainment to which I would be particularly suited as I am dynamic, creative, innovative and full of creative energy.

Since leaving university I have been working as a manager for the New York Film Academy film school in London from which I have previously graduated. This is a diverse and challenging role which truly does require me to be multi-skilled and adapt to a variety of situations. As the second in command my responsibilities included: Managing day to day, school administration, scheduling, liaising with the NY head office, PA to the Managing director, advertising & sales of courses, editing & camera technical support, student teaching support, counselling students, managing smooth running of the office, payroll, accounts and general problem solving. This role required me to be highly organised and work efficiently under high pressure as well as coordinate and communicate effectively with all members of staff and student body.

In dealing with the advertising for the NYFA this allowed me to develop creatively, producing a number advertising projects including designing promotional postcards & creating a number of 30 second TV spots on DV. The role at the NYFA also required me to assist in teaching students the concepts of film making with 16mm cameras. Also I assist students in producing their films offering creative, logistical & legal advice for shooting in and around London. Technically, I have much experience in using ARRI S/BL/SR 16mm cameras, DV experience especially in using the SONY PD150 and superb editing skills using Avid DV Xpress 3.5.

Last year I graduated for honours degree in Accountancy & Management at Aston University Business School. This course covered many business aspects including marketing, accountancy and operations allowing me to be flexible and adapt to a multitude of working situations. During my degree a year long business placement with Hitachi allowed me to develop my administrative skills to an excellent level granting me the ability to organise, manage and coordinate my many tasks and responsibilities. Within university I had been involved on a number of promotional projects to endorse the Student Union and attract new and potential students to the university nightlife. This called for me to create some lively DV promo spots that would play in the student bars to express a fast-paced atmosphere of pure unadulterated fun.

The main leisure activity I love is writing, directing, editing and even scoring my own short films. I am a New York Film Academy graduate where I had much experience of working on film using Arriflex 16mm cameras. Most of my films have won prizes and have been shown at film festivals. As a director I have to be highly articulate with my communication skill and be a reliable team-player; leading and taking a role within any working group. Also as my own producer I am also required to demonstrate my organisational and resourceful problem solving skills. As well as making my own films I am a keen writer and have a number of feature projects which I am currently developing.

As a member of your team I will bring dedication, plenty of experience and enthusiasm. I relish in the opportunity to show innovation and initiative. I have always been able to contribute insights and solutions to problems. I am frequently assigned positions of responsibility and welcome any challenges to which I will be assigned.

I am very enthusiastic to work for Renting Eyeballs Entertainment and genuinely feel that employment therein would be highly beneficial to both the development the company and myself. I am hardworking, reliable, highly motivated, outgoing, fun and very easy to get along with and available to start work immediately.

I am very keen to discuss my application at your convenience and I look forward to hearing from you. Please find attached my CV, which I hope will act as a first step into exploring the opportunities within your Renting Eyeballs Entertainment.

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