Computers And Information processing

From the abacus to the computer, accounting has gone through many changes. Of all the changes, the computer has been the best. Now, the only work the accountant has to do is input figures into a computer program and it keeps track of all of the information: Past and Present. GEAC/Libra Accounting Software is a very user friendly, easy program to learn but it is an old program that needs to be updated to accommodate the user on a regular basis. Also, computer software has helped in the accounting field because now we can use the computer rather than using pencil and paper trying to balance correctly. It has saved time, paper, and money. From its initial inception, the computer and its associated program software has been and continues to be a great idea and well worth the expense in relationship to its use and in the accounting field.

With all of the advantages and disadvantages of computer software in the workplace, it does seem to save time. What would we have done without computers? In our present workforce, there are some who have never known any different. It has generally been acknowledged that there has always been a computer to do many of the informational tasks as far as they are concerned. But then, we must think about all of those that are still in the work field that are scared of computers. They have been working so long without a computer, they don’t know what to do with one. They would much rather work on their paper and use their pencil than take the time to learn something new.

The advantages of GEAC/Libra Accounting software are great. It is a very user-friendly program. If you have never used an accounting program, GEAC/Libra would be one that you could learn a lot from. This program works well for small companies that don’t produce that much or receive too much. Most software companies will charge a bundle for a license but GEAC/Libra is very reasonable for a company regardless of size. The reports are very easy to read. Once the report has printed out, the accountant can easily find where they are off-balance or if everything balances. For somebody just joining the accounting field with no experience, GEAC/Libra is a very good program to learn basic accounting.

While GEAC/Libra has all of these great aspects, there has got to be some disadvantages as well. The main disadvantage is that the program is very old. It is a DOS based program. With society relying solely on the Windows software, most programs are geared to be loaded under the Windows folder but GEAC/Libra cannot be downloaded in the Windows software. It tends to be an inconvenience for most people that are Windows literate. Also, when the software is updated once a month, no other terminal can be logged on to the software. This is a major disadvantage because the accountant now has to wait for the program to update until he/she can do their job. Should a client need a statement on their account, they cannot have one unless the accountant manually writes it out. This is a minor inconvenience on behalf of the accountant but can turn into a major inconvenience for the client because now they have to read a statement that has been handwritten. With all of the disadvantages, the advantages tend to over power them.

Why did my office choose GEAC/Libra accounting software? The office manager and the accounting manager chose GEAC/Libra because of its ease of use and the accessibility. Also, the company was small at the time of purchase so it was the best program for the companies buck. Being as though, the company is a property management company and this software is designed for property management companies; the two went hand in hand. Now that the company is growing, the program is getting outdated. Although, from the time the company bought GEAC/Libra up to the present, the company that makes GEAC/Libra has made a current revision to the original program in order to keep their customers. Due to the revision, the company will stay with GEAC/Libra so that they will not have to learn a new program that could end up being very difficult to use.

With all of this laid out on the table, the computer is really the best change that has happened in the accounting field. We have gone from the abacus where people would count using beads, to paper and pencil, to typewriter to type the reports, ultimately to the computer. The computer stores much more information and you can input at least fifty percent more in a shorter about of time. What a great invention!

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