Accounting Ethics Essay

Elements of ethics involves two fundamental elements. These elements are skill and care. In order to allow oneself to admit that they care they must first possess the skill. Skill entitles one to many things in life. Skill not only have to deal with work ethics but also the life of caring and loving and feelings. The second element which is care not only means that you have to care for your family but you also must possess the skill to care for someone else also. Caring and showing the skill to care for someone takes a tremendous toll on a person’s life.

Things are not always cut and dry.Sometimes life calls for us to show a great amount of emotion for someone. You must not only posses the skill to care but also possess the skill to care for those even when you do not really want to . sometimes you might have to show strong will power for those who have no regard for others. No one is obligated in this world to live by the standards that many of us hold, but we are obligated to live by our own standards that we hold in life. Many times life calls for many unforseen circumstances but we must be able to face those circumstances head on and not think of the consequences that we might be in for afterwards.

Instead of trying to live by the code of the law try and live by what you hold as being right and wrong. Things will not always work out because you want them to but as long as we try to live by the standards that we hold as being right for ourselves then we must live by the one and the only thing that we hold and that thing is family. Sometimes life can be very infair and cause many trials and tribulations but it is what you make of those trails and tribulations that really matter.

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