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Essay on “What Changes Might Occur if Gasoline Prices Rose to $5.00 a Gallon?”

With increasing use of motor bikes and cars, use of gasoline has become an unavoidable part of our lives. However, most of us have a budget set of all our expenses and gasoline is one of them. If gasoline prices raise to somewhere $5.00 a gallon, it would become difficult for a common individual to [...]

Is It the Responsibility of the United States to Share its Food Supplies with the Hungry People of the World?

Firstly, I don’t believe that the United States has a responsibility to share its food supplies with the hungry people of the world – it has an obligation to share, and lobby other countries to do the same. A necessity to live up to one of the tenets of the Declaration of Independence, that all [...]

Essay on What Are Some Activities that Are Especially Appealing to Children?

Childhood is generally associated with a variety of most delightful leisure activities. Later in life these gradually become replaced with studying, chores around the house and working, all of which may be quite satisfying, but scarcely offering such pure enjoyment. The present essay focuses on several activities which may seem old-fashioned in the modern world [...]

Instituitonal Theory Essay

The concept of organization serves as a key factor in determining if an organization or company reaches its goals and objective while exemplifying their mission. Nonetheless, there are various theories of organization that can be utilized such as the institutional theory (I.T) of organization. This theory focuses on the environmental factors experienced by an organization [...]

Analysis Essay of an Argument

“Our research indicated that, over the past six years, no incidents of employee theft have been reported within ten of the companies that have been our clients. In analyzing the security practices of these ten companies, we have further learned that each of them requires its employees to wear photo identification badges while at work. [...]